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‘He fought through for me even as a single father’, Bimbo Ademoye shares hilarious moments with her dad

bimbo ademoye n dad

Fast-rising actress, Bimbo Ademoye has taken to social media to share hilarious moments with her dad who struggled to provide for her and her siblings as a single father.

In a prank video, the actress was seen campaigning to win the 100 dollars scholarship to a film school by popular American actor Tyler Perry and she brought in her dad to advocate for her.

While campaigning, she mentioned she has been wanting to become a well-known actress globally for her father as she recalled how her father did numerous jobs just to put food on their table.

Bimbo also said her father has always supported her career from scratch, taken her to her first audition that lasted for six hours.

On a lighter mood, Bimbo got dragged by her father after sarcastically assassinating his character, hilariously stating he turned to a cultist and armed robber just to provide for them.

She wrote:

Please watch till the end . 😂😂😂

I decided to try this challenge on my guy. He was NOT having his character assassinated for no gaddamn 100k dollars . I’m safe guys . I’m alive and my head is still on my neck 🤣🤣🥲( daddy barely smacked us though ) 🤣😂😅. I’m legit still crying . I had to cut before he dragged my mother’s generation. Poor woman

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