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Actor Hank Anuku finally breaks silence, issues out a stern warning (Video)

Hank Anuku

Legendary actor, Hank Anuku has finally broken his silence on reports of him being mentally unstable.

Over the week, a disturbing video of the actor had made rounds on the internet, which had left many questioning his mental health.

In a post on his Instagram story, the actor refuted all claims as he stated that he is perfectly healthy.

According to him, those photos and videos which hit the net, were from movie scenes.

Hank warned the rumours peddlers to stop ruining his reputation.

In his final message to them, he prayed for the Holyspirit to forgive them.

“Stop writing crab about me and leave me alone. If they want to act a movie and they need help, come to me. I have been on set and those using those pictures are trying to ruin my image. May the Holyspirit forgive you. We shall hook up pretty soon”.

Disturbing video of Hank Anuku

Since this week, the action thriller actor has been in the news over his alleged mental condition.

KFN reported on Monday night that a video of the legendary actor roaming the streets looking all tattered surfaced online.

The video which was uploaded on Twitter had generated mixed reactions.

While some tried verifying the authenticity of the video, others called on the Actor’s Guild to see to him.

From the comments on social media, many attributed his unstable behavior to drugs.

While his younger colleagues, Adanma Luke and Iheme Nancy confirmed his poor mental condition, Shan George refuted the claims.

She revealed that she was on set with the actor days back and he was fit.

Iheme Nancy and Adanma Luke slam Shan George

Her debunking his mental health condition infuriated some of her colleagues who slammed her for covering up for him.

Taking to her Instagram story, Adanma Luke faulted Shan George for covering up for him.

She told her and others to stop with the lies, knowing fully well the truth about him.

Adanma confirmed that the actor isn’t okay and should be allowed to get help.

She noted how the actress would have gotten help for Hank if he was her blood.

Iheme Nancy also revealed that she had been trying to keep calm and mind her business since the news broke out, but her conscience wouldn’t let her be.

Like Adanma, Iheme slammed Shan for covering it up, rather than helping him get help.

She confirmed that his condition isn’t a secret to most Asaba resident and actors as many have seen him in different odd locations at old hours.

Iheme recounted an encounter she had with him at a restaurant where he almost beat me up for no reason.



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    November 18, 2022 at 11:54 am

    If Adanma Luke is very sure of her claims then let her show some evidence. My take

  2. Anonymous

    November 18, 2022 at 12:32 pm


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