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Actress Shan George frightened as Halima Abubakar exposes her, leaks private chats

Halima Abubakar and Apostle Suleiman

Nollywood actress and filmmaker Shan George might be keeping mute on social media over Halima Abubakar endless drama with her, but the actress is shakened up.

Halima, who had been away from social media for weeks resumed hours ago, dragging the veteran alongside clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Reopening their fued, Halima Abubakar shared screenshots of an alleged chat between Shan George and the clergyman.

In the chat, Apostle was inquiring if Halima had evidences against her, and Shan George replied that the actress isn’t smart enough to keep one.

Blowing hot at Shan George, she questioned why the actress was after her.

Halima noted how Shan George spread false rumours that she had cancer four years ago. However, Shan George apologised for it.

Halima Abubakar threatened to spill more about her relationship with the clergyman.

“God bless you all till infinity your care and love is overwhelming.. I will see you soon. God is Good. Pls be careful with friend & co workers, they love no one I use to call her mami. Why you still ffing me? Thank God I never took any thing from you. Shan you said I had cancer 4 years ago, of which you denied and apologize. Did I tell you, I don’t know where my problem is from? You calling me names again. Imagine both of you. Johnson you want war? I will give you war. Try and bring my page down. E go shock you”.

In another post, Halima advised the actress to quit defending him as she would regret her actions.

Noting how the actress has kids, Halima stated that the Apostle would do her worst.

“You have kids Shan. He would do you worse”.

Early this morning, Halima Abubakar leaked a chat of Shan George expressing fear over her outbursts.

In the leaked chats, Shan George had questioned someone, whose identity remains unknown, on Halima’s recent post.

Tagging the actress a crazy girl, she stated that she had been trying to reach the Apostle but he wasn’t picking her call.

Shan George revealed that she was going insane over Halima’s Instagram stories.

Shan George wrote,

“Hey babes did you see what this crazy girl posted on IG story, been trying to call apostle and he hasn’t been picking up. I’m going crazy and pls how did she get our conversation. I’m confused let’s try and see tomorrow as early as possible and see how we can resolve this I’m going insane (chech her IG story though”.

Sharing the chat, Halima Abubakar called the veteran wicked.

She advised her to keep calling the apostle as she isn’t backing down.

“Shan George you are wicked. But you go hear am! Keep calling him o”.

Halima Abubakar went on to share more chats of Shan George talking negatively about her.

In another post, Halima vowed to make her and Apostle’s lives miserable.

“Shan George wake up. Thank God for life. How our man? I will sure make both of you miserable”.

Halima Abubakar threatens Shan George
Halima Abubakar threatens Shan George
Halima Abubakar threatens Shan George
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