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Ifeanyi’s death: Halima Abubakar tackles colleagues for mourning Davido’s son

Halima Abubakar

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has tackled her colleagues for mourning Davido’s son, Ifeanyi.

The ailing actress took to her Instagram story to fault them for their fake love.

Halima noted how many of them didn’t celebrate the deceased on his 3rd birthday, days back.

She pointed how they were so quick to post his demise, without thinking.

Halima Abubakar added that their behavior only shows how many only celebrate bad news.

Halima fault colleagues over Davido’s son

Further noting how the pain of his death is still fresh, she appreciated God for the spiritual discernment.

“Half of you who posted that little baby didn’t wish him hbd….. But you are the first to post his demise. Do you people think at all? It shows how many of you only celebrate bad news, such a sad reality…

Did you wish him a hbd? No!! You rush write RIP…

The pain is fresh… Thank goodness for the spiritual discernment. Run from this type of people”.

Henry Arnold slams colleagues for mourning Davido’s son

Halima Abubakar wasn’t the only one who tackled her colleagues for mourning the deceased.

KFN reported that actor, Henry Arnold had slammed his colleagues for posting pictures of the deceased.

He noted how many of them retreat after they post pictures, to prepare to mourn another person.

Querying them, he faulted them for not celebrating or helping people when they are alive, but are so quick to mourn them.

“After you post pictures of the dead, you go back to your corner waiting for the next one to post. This routine is bad, it’s killing. Your own friends I dead while I’ve, His business is crumbling right before your eyes but you won’t retweet or post it, but you hang in there waiting for the next celebrity that will kick the bucket to post, another person wm definitely die the next hours and you will post again”.

He further wrote,

“After the post, they retire to argue about how the death occured, make mockery and then hypocritically send you dms and they move to the next person”.

Halima Abubakar faults colleagues
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