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Hafiz Oyetoro speaks on cheating on his wife

Comic actor, Hafiz Oyetoro popularly known as Saka, has stated that he has never cheated on his wife since he got married to her 16 years ago.

In a new interview with Punch, Hafiz Oyetoro revealed that part of what makes his home work is because his wife shares his vision and allows him have control of their home.

‘“The best thing that can happen to a man is to get married to a woman that shares his vision. My wife shares my vision. We have almost the same views about life and she allows me to be in full control of our home. Another important factor is that since I got married I have never had an extra-marital affair. I have never slept with another woman”, he said.

Back in May, the actor celebrated 16th wedding anniversary with his wife. Taking to social media, he revealed the only regret he has about the marriage.

“Today, (May 24 2019), sixteen years ago, Olaide Saidat said “yes” and we became husband and wife. But I have regret. In my life, the only regret I have is that I got married to her just only sixteen years ago and not earlier than that.
It has been sixteen years of loving and mature understanding. Sixteen years of sharing the same vision, dreams, aspirations as a result of divine love. We have been moving from glorious heights to glorious heights.

Hafiz Oyetoro

“Every time that I consider the trend of things when I got married to this woman sixteen years ago, I always regret I didn’t marry her earlier, much earlier. Maybe thirty years ago, forty years ago or even fifty years ago. Well better late than never. I thank ALLAH for granting me the grace to marry this wonderful, superb, and beautiful mother of our precious kids. Glory be to ALLAH for HIS grace and favour. Please kindly join us to celebrate our sixteenth wedding anniversary. Wishing you all a divinely blessed weekend. … IT IS WELL.”

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