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“Greet Mohbad for us baby girl”- Netizens react as HarrySong’s estranged wife Alexer Peres shares concerning post and deletes it

HarrySong’s ex-wife Alexer Peres made a disturbing post earlier, but she quickly deleted it shortly after.

The post she made was a picture of a popular insecticide that has often been used by s*icide victims.

Alexer Peres posts disturbing photo.

Netizens were quick to react, and only a handful of comments were aimed at empathy towards her.

iam_linchpin wrote, “She should do it.. anyone who posts “snipper” bottle before kpaing is not serious to kpai. Everybody is going through their own personal wahala & bukata & someone wants to kpai herself by posting it only to draw sympathy? Cos hers is precious or what? Sis pls kpai urself cos population of Nigeria don too much sef.”

teensgram_afrika To evervone who has not been themselves lately: Your spark will return, and you will shine as you are meant to.”

yf_ bibitex wrote, “I pray most of you laughing don’t get to this stage 2 9 no be everything be cruise”

mrhorlic wrote, “Greet Mohbad for us baby girl”

igwe_credo wrote, “Comot pride and go and kneel down and seek forgiveness from your husband”

tochi_lifestyle wrote, “Dear future wife, please correct me if I’m not loving you in the language you prefer.. If something comes up communicate it with me. I want us on the same page while we grow together”

tarisla wrote, “You don’t make mockery of
depressed people. You might just the catalyst to hasten to the person d**th.”

tipsykelvano wrote, “You might think you are a super man or a super woman until you have family problems. E go nearly run you mad. It takes the grace of God to pick up the pieces of your life and move on”

Alexer Peres’ social media presence has been riddled with the drama surrounding her divorce from HarrySong.

It was a messy situation, with the former lovebirds throwing shade at each other, and washing each otherwise dirty linens in public.

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