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“I’ve known him for 4-5 years and we have a good relationship” – Lady in intimate photo with Davido breaks silence (Video)

Gorgeous Doll speaks on intimate photo with Davido

Gorgeous Doll, the lady who leaked an intimate photo of her and singer, Davido has finally broken her silence.

In a Live video, she claimed that she didn’t know Davido was married, but she knew he had multiple baby mamas. She disclosed that she is a stylist, who works for him whenever he is in Atlanta. According to her, they have known each other for 4-5 years and they have a good relationship.

She stated that she wouldn’t however address the context of the video but it was something emotional that shouldn’t have been posted. She added that anytime she was with the singer, it was strictly to style him or help him with bookings for clubs in Atlanta and had nothing to do with an affair.

Gorgeous made it known that she wasn’t the one behind the leaked video and was drunk when she posted an old photo of them. She further added that she has spoken to the singer and he understands that she made a mistake and their friendship is still intact.

“I was drvnk and posted an old photo of Davido and I… I didn’t know Davido was married, I just knew he had baby mamas. I’m a stylist, I’ve known him for 4-5 years and we have a good relationship. I’m not going to speak of what the video was about. That video was personal, it was something emotional that shouldn’t have been posted at all. I don’t support it and I never gave permission for it to be posted. I did not know that Davido was married. Anytime I was with him, it was because I was either styling him or helping with bookings for clubs in Atlanta and make my percentage. I have never seen a wife, I’ve only seen a baby mama, and I know he has multiple baby mamas but I didn’t care cos it wasn’t my business to ask.
I don’t like how I’m being perceived because I’m not someone who would destroy somebody’s energy or post something embarrassing to hurt people’s feelings. This is a friendship I’ve built for the last 4-5 years, we are locked in. He doesn’t care about me taking pictures or posting because we have nothing to hide. We are still friends and he understands that I made a mistake”.

Kemi Filani reported hours ago that US model, Bonita Maria had shared an intimate photo of her and the singer. In the photo, Davido was seen wrapping his arms around her neck as they posed for the camera.

Addressing the viral photo, Bonita had shared a video of Davido passionately begging over her as she slammed Nigerians for dragging her. She stated that she had never had anything to do with Davido, nor as she set her eyes on him but was only trolling with the crying video of him.

Reacting to it, Isreal DMW took to a blog’s comment section to make clarification on the photo. He stated that the photo was taken 3 years ago.

Last year, several women came out to share their sexual encounters with the singer, who was supposed to be grieving his late son.

Anita Brown who was the most popular of the women who called him out, accused the singer of impregnating her as she recalled how they met.

She went on to launch several attacks on his wife, Chioma, calling her a walking doormat, and even went as far as launching a campaign for Chioma calling for her freedom, claiming Chioma was in a tox!c relationship and needed to be saved.

Ivana Bay, a Paris entrepreneur, was the second lady to accuse the singer of impregnating her. She shared screenshots of her alleged correspondence with Davido and questioned how many baby mamas Davido had as she wondered if they were up to a soccer team. She also revealed how the singer tried forcing her to sign a confidentiality agreement and offered her N10,000 for it.

Also, a Kenyan socialite Pendo Stacy made sensational allegations about her alleged romantic involvement with Davido, revealing her alleged relationship with Davido on a TV program where she displayed Davido’s boxers as evidence of their intimate encounter.

Topping the list was a lady by the name, Chisom who accused Davido of forcing her to have an abortion with a promise of gifting her N10 million.

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