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“God will judge you for how you treat your partner” Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi, has recently shared a deeply thought-provoking perspective revealing that God will judge people based off how they treat their partners.

. In a deep message posted on Twitter, he expressed a profound belief that individuals will ultimately be judged by God based on how they treat their partners. Buchi spoke on the notion that people should first and foremost recognize themselves as God’s children before they assume roles as husbands or wives in relationships.

He advocated for an approach that should consist of treating one’s partner with profound care and respect, emphasizing that they should be regarded as precious individuals rather than possessions. He also further advised that people should approach their relationships as if they were caring for their partners on behalf of God, mirroring the love and kindness they would hope to receive from a divine presence.
In a solemn warning, Buchi conveyed that those who fall short in this regard will ultimately face divine judgment based on their conduct and treatment of their partners.

Solomon Buchi has also been a vocal advocate against domestic violence, fervently advocating that there can be no justification, under any circumstances, for such abhorrent behavior. He made it unequivocally clear that domestic violence is never acceptable, regardless of the challenges or difficulties faced in a relationship.

In addition to his stance on relationships and domestic violence, Buchi has shared insightful wisdom on the importance of avoiding strong stance in one’s life. He encouraged individuals not to employ the word “never,” as life may often place them in unforeseen situations where they must exhibit patience and tolerance.

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