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Ghanaian singer reveals why she stopped singing in Church

Ghanaian singer, Adina has revealed why she doesn’t sing in Church anymore. She made this known when she appeared on Cosmopolitan Mix show on Joy FM with Mamavi.

Speaking on why gospel singers don’t go to churches to sing despite getting their singing skills nortured there, Adina said:

“I don’t sing in church anymore but i still go to Church anytime i’m not that busy, reason being before they would allow me to sing, then i have to go for rehearsals and what have you, and you know this music business- Fridays, Saturdays i’m occupied most of the time, and i don’t have that much time to go for rehearsals but whenever the opportunity presents itself I will.”

When the singer who is also an actress was asked to choose between music and acting, she said: “Acting to me will be like going out to a party and having a good time. Music is definitely my first love.“

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