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Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face finally forgive ex-wife after calling him a one minute man

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Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has forgiven his wife who called him a one minute man.

The marriage between him and his wife made headline after it crashed with dirty revelations getting issued by both of them.

While Funny Face accused his wife of cheating on him, his wife Nana Adwoa called him a one minuted.

After years of facing the embarrassment, Funny Face has now decided to forgive her.

He wrote: ‘A letter to my Ex wife … Hello NaNa Adwoa .. how u doin ? Hope all is well with u and da family .. well let me go straight to da point .. for some years now .. I have haboured soo much hatred and Anger towards you .. you have da least idea ! While praying dis dawn .. I felt it deep in my spirit … dat I have to do dis publicly .. from today Nana .. I FORGIVE YOU .. everything you said abt me during our fight .. everything I said abt u too .. pls FORGIVE ME .. let’s live peacefully on dis earth for da world we see today is passing away soo quickly .. TODAY WE ARE HERE .. TOMORROW WE GONE. .. deep within you I know if I die today .. u won’t be happy .. and vice verse ! Recently when we were shooting KASOA TROTRO tv series .. you saw me and u smiled .. I know even tho u won’t show it .. you are Happy dat things are moving on well with me now . .. and the 2 minutes “ issue “ turned to twins . GOD has blessed me in double fold NANA .. so from today I SET MY SELF FREE from any anger and rage .. dat has kept me in bondage … and oh WIKIPEDIA pls update my bio now to my new Wife I WISH YOU ALL DA BEST. NANA .. keep shinning … my #ELLAandBELLA KASOA VANDAMME “ ei go over you “ #MrHappiness’

Funny Face and former wife
Funny Face and former wife

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