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“She needs to seek professional help” Actress Georgina Onuoha reacts to American model, Lori Harvey’s breakup with Damson Idris

Georgina Onuoha shames Lori Harvey over break-up with Damson Idris

Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha has reacted to the break-up of the American model, Lori Harvey and her actor boyfriend, Damson Idris for over a year.

The couple had sparked breakup rumors after they unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted their photos. The couple finally confirmed their split in a joint statement to Hollywood Reporter.

“We are at a point in our lives where our individual paths require our full attention and dedication,”

“We part ways remaining friends with nothing but love and respect for each other and the time we shared together.”

The break-up has since left many slamming the 26-year-old adopted daughter of Steve Harvey over her body count and series of breakups.

Reacting to it, Georgina stated that Lori Harvey needs professional help. She described her series of relationships as unhealthy, hence, why she needs therapy.

“She needs to seek professional help. So unhealthy. Get her some therapy”.

Georgina Onuoha shames Lori Harvey over break-up with Damson Idris

At just 26 years old, Lori Harvey has been linked to several high-profile Hollywood high profile celebrities. From Diddy to his son, Future, Micheal B Jordan, Trey Songz, Memphis, Future, Akon’s son, Ramson Then, and now Damson Idris.

Many slammed Georgina for shaming the model over her breakup as they noted how many men do the same.

One Abelpter wrote, “But if it was a man, nobody would ask him to seek help. Nick Cannon goes about impregnating different women, nobody says anything

One Ugo Logo wrote, “Sue doesn’t need help. Many of una relationships no dey reach 2 weeks. So stop already

One Official Ulor Series wrote, “She needs professional help, also get the guy a professional help (therapist) too! He is a human being just like her.

One My Pr Fave wrote, “Lol, we don’t ask men to go for therapy when they do it, because they are just being men. Please let Lori rest

One Natasha Blessing Rasaq wrote, “Na because she be public figure. If you know as people break up and enter new relationships e go shock you”.

Georgina Onuoha shames Lori Harvey over break-up with Damson Idris
Lori Harvey and Damson Idris

Kemi Filani reported early this year that Lori Harvey and Damson Idris had gone Instagram official, after months of keeping their relationship low-key.

However, Damson, confirmed their relationship on Jan. 13, by sharing a loved-up photo of him and Lori on his Instagram Stories.

They later marked their first red carpet appearance at the premiere of Idris’ Snowfall movie in February and were seen on several vacations.

Lori Harvey’s relationship with Damson came just a few months after she broke up with professional basketball player, Michael Jordan.

The two dated for a year before splitting up in June 2022 and Harvey stated that she was dating on her terms.

Defending her, Media personality and actress, Moet Abebe had applauded Lori for living her best life, revealing that she is proud to see a female actually living her life the way she wants on her terms.

She noted how guys are quick to move on easily and as such was happy to see Lori Harvey break the ceiling and constraints society puts her in.

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