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Actress Georgina Onuoha calls for peace following her messy brawl with Yul Edochie

Georgina Onuoha

Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha has called for peace following her messy fight with her male colleague, Yul Edochie.

The actress threw the internet into a frenzy when she lampooned the actor for inciting Nigerians against her and her female colleagues mentioned in Apostle Suleman’s scandal.

KFN reported that Georgina Onuoha had dragged her colleague, Yul Edochie by the balls for daring to mock her after a popular blogger mentioned her name amongst those who have had a sexual relationship with controversial Apostle Suleman Johnson.

Yul had taken to his Instagram page to express his thoughts on the ongoing issue.

According to the actor, those actresses mentioned deserved such maltreatment because they also meddled in his affairs when the same blogger exposed him for impregnating and marrying Judy Austin without informing his wife, May Edochie.

Following his outburst, Georgina Onuoha in a quite lengthy post, expressed her anger, pointing at Yul Edochie for daring to insinuate that they were guilty of the accusations leveled against them by Gistlover.

In her response, Onuoha advised Edochie to address her directly instead of beating around the bush.

She challenged Yul and Gistlover to face her directly and not cut corners.

She also mentioned her respect for Yul’s father, his legitimate wife, grown kids, and elder brothers. The beautiful movie star referred to Gistlover as a faceless coward hiding under the keyboard and slandering decent people. She reiterated that she called the actor out not because Gistlover did but because he fathered a child out of wedlock and slammed him for not being able to zip up and commit adultery.

However, Georgina Onuoha seems to be moving in from the drama as she took to her IG to call for peace.

She prayed for peace in the land as she asserted that they will all be fine.

“This Danish sun is hitting differently this morning. A well deserved brunch. Una good morning on. Let their be peace in the Land Amen. Today I come in peace but… We will all be fine”.

Georgina Onuoha
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