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Gbenro Ajibade calls out wife, Osas for bad parenting

Following suspicions that all may not be well in the marriage of Tinsel actors, Gbenro and Osas Ajibade, there may be new facts to strengthen every speculation about their marital crisis.

Gbenro Ajibade, who has relocated to the United States, took to his Instastories early on Sunday morning to accuse his estranged wife, Osas of bad parenting. According to him, Osas leaves their two-year old baby, Azariah at home while she parties all night and even once was sent the baby home to the nanny through a stranger.

He wrote, “Who leaves their baby in the house and goes out to party and hang with friends/event from 6pm till 5am?!!! Its not the first, second, third or fourth time, the other night you slept out you sent our baby with a stranger to drop her off back home with the nanny so you can be out all night?!”

Recall that the celebrity couple who got married in July 2015 have been through a series of separation rumours over time, all of which were laid to rest when they shared happy photos of their family spending Christmas together in the United States.

Osas is yet to publicly address the accusation. In a 2016 interview, Osas spoke on being married in an unfamiliar environment like Nigeria. She said, “Culture was a big shock for me and being a wife is a different life altogether. I was a bachelorette doing whatever I wanted but now I am a caretaker and I have to care for my husband. I hear it’s normal to have a maid in Nigeria but I am not used to that. I upkeep my house myself even though my husband is open to employing someone for that. I do not trust anyone because I am scared.

I never really liked cooking. I was the girl who would whip up a nice bowl of noodles for myself but I’m married now and Gbenro is used to eating a full-grown man’s meal. Whether I am hungry or not there has to be food in my house. I had to learn how to cook what he likes. He loves Banga soup and I am grateful to his mum who taught me to do different dishes that her son loves. I’m not complaining because if he is constantly eating out that will never make me happy. I want him to look good and I want him to be happy when he comes home. It is not so much a challenge but it is a different life.

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