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“I furnished the house with my hard-earned money, tame your Dog” Funsho Adeoti blows hot, drags Mercy Aigbe and Kazim Adeoti

Funsho Adeoti blows hot, drags Mercy Aigbe and husband

Funsho Adeoti, the first wife of Kazim Adeoti, has filthly dragged him and his wife, Mercy Aigbe.

The mum of four had earlier warned the actress to stop taking videos in her house.

Mercy Aigbe who proved stubborn had gone ahead to pepper her with another video.

Infuriated by her audacity, Funsho shared screenshots of her chat with him where she lashed out at him and his second wife.

She noted how she was the one who built the house and furnished it with her hard-earned money.

Funsho revealed that she regrets marrying him and wouldn’t hold back from telling the truth to the world.

“Kazim you underestimate me right, it’s ok cause I was your fool for 20 yrs abi humm, you kept pushing me, I told you if it continues I will post this message..bobo, mi kin se omo ale..hope you got that.. Mercy it’s the Odacity for me, like seriously, like I told you, you can have him, keep him for whatever the hell you want with him, but one thing I will not let go of is my sweat, what I worked hard for. Little girl you’ve got some nerve how dear u think it’s okay showing off what I worked hard for on a daily basis and think I would be ok with it..Kazim tame your dog.

I warned you, way too many times. Kazim am como to get what is mine this I promise you. Note to you all : marrying a second wife was never brought to my attention by Kazim, found out online just like everyone..yes I admit I suspected he was sleeping with her, hence I called and cursed her out several times, and each time I confronted him, he gave me a long line of men she sleeps with a mf says “lailai she’s a white and she is nothing” so I look the other way ( men in the industry thinking) now he’s favorite whore is now a wife to him.

I’m no bastard, I post this on social media to show you all cause apparently, social media happens to be there God they live, breath, eat and sleep social media… I warned him not to test me but they both keep on pushing me..I am not a push over, am not one to be bullied by both of you to silence, No way. You are great together, but honey I repeat not on my money or sweat..thanks”.

Kemi Filani news reported Mercy Aigbe had completely snubbed her first wife’s threats as she took to social media to flaunt her house.

The mother of four returned to the U.S where she lives, after attending family meetings and Mercy Aigbe immediately moved back into Kazim’s house.

Mercy Aigbe took several photos and videos on his staircase which is the same as the one Funsho Adeoti used some months back.

Irritated at her audacity to flaunt a house she and Kazim built, Funsho Adeoti took to her Instagram story to warn the couple to pull down every photos of her house.

Mercy Aigbe who was unbothered about her threat, took to social media to show off the house.

Funsho Adeoti blows hot
Funsho Adeoti blows hot
Funsho Adeoti blows hot
Funsho Adeoti blows hot
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