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‘Life is not a matter of wishing, asking and obtaining’ Funke Akindele’s husband, JJC Skillz, shares the secret of their success

JJC Skillz, the husband of Nollywood actress Funke Akindele, has taken to social media to share some of the secrets of life, which his family has applied overtime in their career and endeavours.

Kemifilani News recalled that JJC Skillz and his wife Funke acquired two multimillion Naira cars in one week, and the social media went agog with several reactions.

With several congratulatory messages, some of their fans said the couple worth the cars considering their handwork and huge success recorded in the movie ‘Omogetto The Saga”.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, JJC Skillz said life is not a matter of wishing, asking and obtaining as he shared the story of a peasant farmer who wakes up early in the morning to milk the cow.

According to JJC, an individual receives happiness result from the effort of hard work, and lack of effort creates frustration.

The proud father of two urged his fans to teach their children some of the secrets of life so they do not grow up with the mentality that the government and parents will provide all they need in life.

A peasant used to say to his children when they were young: —. One day when the oldest turned 12, he anxiously asked his father what was the secret of life. So the father explained.
—The secret of life is this: The cow does not give milk. “What are you saying?” Asked the boy incredulously. —As you hear it, son: The cow does not give milk, you have to milk it. You have to get up at 4 in the morning, go to the field, walk through the corral full of manure, tie the tail, hobble the legs of the cow, sit on the stool, place the bucket and do the work your self.
That is the secret of life, the cow does not give milk. You milk her or you don’t get milk. There is this generation that thinks that cows GIVE milk. That things are automatic and free: their mentality is that if ” I wish, I ask….. I obtain.”
” They have been accustomed to getting whatever they want the easy way…But No, life is not a matter of wishing, asking and obtaining. The things that one receives are the effort of what one does. Happiness is the result of effort. Lack of effort creates frustration.
So, remember to share with your children, from a young age, the secret of life. So they don’t grow up with the mentality that the government, their parents, or their cute little faces is going to give them everything they need in life.
Remember “Cows don’t give milk. You have to work for it” have a lovely day.

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