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Fred Amata missing as his daughter with Agatha Amata graduates from UK university (Photos)

 Veteran Nollywood actor cum filmmaker, Fred Amata was noticeably missing as the only daughter he has with his ex-wife, Agatha, Stephanie, graduated from the University of Arts London today, Friday, July 19, 2019.

 Agatha and their only son, Oreva, was there to celebrate with Stephanie. 

Fred has another daughter, Zino, with actress Ibinabo Fiberesima. 

When Agatha was asked during an interview, how she handled the separation from her husband at that time, she had said: “It’s been a long time. But in life here I believe that whatever life throws at you, deal with it. Good things happen, bad things happen; take the good, take the bad, the most important is what lesson you learnt from it, not the event itself.

My ex-husband, Fred, is my very good friend, and I used to say to people why should we fight? We have two beautiful children who bear his name. It will be stupid of me, because we are linked for life.

If I remarry, which I do not plan any time soon, or he remarries, I cannot speak for him, the truth of the matter is that anytime they talk about him, they will call my name and anytime they talk about me, they will call his name.

We have two fantastic children we both love and are proud of. And because we cannot live as husband and wife does not mean that we cannot be friends.

If we understand that life is beyond all that because you will not take it into the grave, it dies the very day you are buried. You can actually make up your mind that things that happen to you here on earth do not define you. You learn and you go on.

If the good thing happens and you accept them, then when the bad also happens, you should be able to deal with it.We did not plan on the wedding that we were going to be separated; it just happened.

I had the best of intentions as did he; we planned that we would live forever at least until death do us apart. But it didn’t work out that way, so we made the best of the situation.”

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