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“He looks like an arthropod” Frank Edoho slams Twitter influencer Daniel Regha



Frank Edoho takes a jab at Daniel Regha

During a chat with Tejubabyfaceoyelakin, Frank Edoho revealed an interface about popular Twitter influencer, Daniel Regha. Frank Edoho also stated that Daniel makes the most noise on Twitter.

His disdain for Daniel is coming after he allegedly “tried” him on Twitter. Frank revealed that in real life, it would be impossible for Daniel Regha to take jabs at him. He also confessed to being a different person in real life compared to social media.

In real life, he revealed that he is normally full of charm and positive energy, however, on Twitter, he’s always ready to give back some gbas gbos.

“If you want a man to behave like mumu, submit to him” Frank Edoho advices all the women in the world

Kemi Filani reported earlier today that Frank Edoho had dishes out a unique advice to women.

He revealed in an interview with Tejubabyfaceoyelakin, that the major way a woman can get any man to do anything for her is to simply submit to him.

He also revealed that his wife over pampers him a lot and also submits to him. He spilled that during conversations with his wife, he always has the last word, which makes him place her in a high regard.