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Former First Lady set to remarry after dumping Ex Governor of Enugu

Former first lady of Enugu

Since they got separated eight years ago, she disappeared from the scene. She became a tall shadow with no human substance in the public eye. Not many wondered what became of the woman, who during her time as First Lady across her husband’s two terms, was very visible on the social scene.

But after much tears as wife of former governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State, Clara has found love again.

Now set to remarry, Clara’s traditional wedding will hold on Friday, April 29,2022 .

The beautiful ex first lady is said to be marrying a very wealthy Christian from Kaduna State.

Clara, who grew up in Katsina, mixes freely with the Northerners and said to have met the man she is about to marry through the late President Yaradua’s daughter who was her classmate in school.

Like most Igbos in the north, Clara even speaks Hausa better than she speaks Igbo.
The traditional engagement ceremony will hold privately in Amuda Isuochi, Umunneochi LGA in Abia State on Friday April 29, 2022 while the formal wedding takes place in a catholic church in Kaduna.

Her 11-year-old union with Sullivan Chime, which produced a son, was fraught with threats to life, sexual abandonment and depression.

The former First couple created drama in court over the custody of their only child.

She informed the court that she was ready to divorce her husband and prayed that the custody of their son be given to her, with child maintenance fee of N500,000 monthly.

Clara told the court that her son was not properly cared for and she is only allowed to see him five hours a month under heavy security.

Clara also informed the court that she met her husband while he was Enugu State governor.

”I bought two vehicles, a Lexus 570 SUV and a BMW S6 for myself while married to the former governor.
”I did not use his money to buy those vehicles from the allowances I received as the wife of the governor,” she said.
The former governor’s wife also informed that she bought her landed property from the Enugu State Housing Corporation, adding that she paid for it after leaving office.

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