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Female NYSC Corp Member sexually assaults Male Corp Member then slaps him

A female National Youth Service Corp member might be in trouble after she allegedly sexually assaults a male corp member and then slapped him

Corp members at the Lagos Camp have been left in shock upon the reports that a lady, known as Peace from Ambrose Ali University, sexually assaulted a male corp member identified simply as Oluwaseun and thereafter, slapped him!

It was gathered that during the usual early morning Man O’ War drills, Peace kept on grabbing his genitals, Oluwaseun cautioned her to stop but when it seemed like the lady had no intention of stopping the action, he slapped her.

Peace who wasn’t expecting such reaction, tried to fight him but she was held back.

According to the victim, some corp members commended his action, because if roles were reversed, it would have been a worse scanario.

Others condemned him for it because they felt he was a guy and the lady was only trying to give him a signal that she was interested in him.

The lady who was apparently not ashamed of her action, waylaid the said male corper at the popular ‘mami’ market to confront him, which ended up with the guy receiving a hot slap.

It has however been reported to the highest authorities in camp and they have both put down oral and written statements.

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