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Father of 6 discovers 4 out of them are not his after DNA test

A DNA test result has left a father of 6 shattered as it revealed that only two out of 6 children belonged to him.

In very traumatic turn of events, a married man has filed for a divorce from his wife, Miriam on his realization that only two out of six children are biologically his.

He then unveiled the truth via the family whatsapp group.

The aggrieved man, Micheal Mgriwa from Malawi confirmed he took the DNA test in January 28 and received his results on March 1

Emphasizing that they should feel free to share the story as there was nothing to hide, his story has since gone viral.

He said:

“You may have been hearing rumors regarding what is happening with my family. This message is meant to communicate the correct position of the situation.”

I am sorry and deeply disappointed to inform you that DNA results have shown that I am not the biological father of Elton, Hellen, Kamwadi and Lucy Ngwira. As you would understand, we have a crisis in the family and as an immediate measure I have separated from Miriam while the parents discuss the way forward. Please pray for the children who shall be traumatized by this unwanted situation.

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