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‘You celebrities started it’ Fans react as Yvonne Jegede laments how people now measure wealth and success by social media posts

Yonne Jegede

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has sparked social media reactions after lamenting how individuals’ wealth and success are now measured by their social media posts.

In a post shared on her page, Yvonne Jegede claimed that the internet had given popularity to opinions that should not be formed, behaviour that people shouldn’t emulate and people who are not supposed to be famous.

According to Yvonne Jegede, because of people’s wrong perspective about social media, when a person doesn’t show off on social media, it is believed that their lives have been messed up.

She wrote: The internet has given popularity to opinions that should be formed, to behaviours that shouldn’t be emulated, to people that should be famous.

The other day I posted something about a car and a new camera phone and I got a comment that got me thinking * Common sense is not so common nowadays. If you don’t post on social media they assume your life is messed up!

And that you don’t have anything. Your Wealth/ success is measured by what you post on social media these days! …..We live in a messed up society.

This generated reactions from netizens who attributed the new normal to Nigerian celebrities who often show off their achievements from buying cars to houses and many other material acquisitions.

queen_nekky wrote: They love to show off too much but they don’t believe people win silently messed up generation

official_ifyblinkz wrote: Fact but na una start am

oliviaglloww wrote: The same impression your colleagues created. You can’t blame commenters, y’all should set your priorities

lady.chisom wrote: Say no to social media pressure. Own your happiness!!!

Yvonne Jegede
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