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Fans react as BBNaija ex housemates, Tacha and Mercy finally put their swords to rest | Details

Mercy and Tacha settle Rift

Few minutes after most talked about BBNaija housemates, Tacha and Mercy had a honest and transparent conversation with Ebuka during the ongoing BBNaija reunion, the fans of both parties took to social media to react to all that went down during the show.

During the reunion, Ebuka decided to host the two top housemates, Tacha and Mercy and he used the opportunity to settle whatever rift that was going on between them. After both said their side of the story, they were able to reach a conclusion by putting an end to their disputes.

Recall that the fight between the two housemates led to Tacha’s disqualification a week before the end of the reality show. Since then, it has not been easy for Tacha’s fans {Titans} to get along with Mercy because they believe she was the reason why Tacha was disqualified.

Although Mercy’s fans {Mercineries} are always defensive because they are always ready to fight anyone that speaks rubbish about their winner.

Many people on social media have reacted to Mercy and Tacha’s settlement on the BBNaija reunion show last night. See some of their comments below;

official_zabbyceo wrote “Real fans like us won’t, what I noticed yesterday was that, these ladies actually love themselves but their fans and some close friends are not helping them. The truth is, If they become friends and do business together they will move mountains because they are both strong..”

osasmonique wrote “Yes fans are the ingredients to all these quarrel, one thing they don’t know is mercy and tacha are made already and for sure their broke account balance shouldn’t be less than 5m but most fans can’t boast of 10k in their account. I wonder how some fans pray to God for blessings after saying some vile and evil comments on social media”

billionnairaboys wrote “Mercy had an honest conversation with herself. The other girl even denied her own tweets and blamed her publicist. This means you know your brand is built up on the hate of Mercy. I can’t respect someone who builds their brand on hate and then can’t even speak up to the person. The question still remains, who are you without Mercy?”

christy_collections wrote “You all expected gbas gbos but no this ladies ve moved on.Stop judging n let go both are making money u are all here still fighting and judging them..Move ooooooonnnnnnnnn”

mimi_realbabe wrote “Let’s be real here, Mercy’s fans don’t really have time to troll, but tacha herself allowed them to start trolling this day’s, coming on social media to sub Mercy every single day and supporting her fans to troll Mercy, she won award instead of her to give thanks to God almighty and thanking her fans too for voting but instead she’s saying people should go hug transformer bla bla bla, is that how all celebrities do when they win an award? if she really want peace with mercy let her go off camera let the both of them speak their mind and settle their differences before coming to announce to people on social media.”

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