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“You better bring down this post” – Fans express disappointment in Ibrahim Chatta for celebrating Iyabo Ojo over beef with Very Dark Man

Ibrahim Chatta hails Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actor and filmmaker Ibrahim Chatta has come under fire for celebrating his colleague, Iyabo Ojo.

Ibrahim took to his Instagram page to share a photo of Iyabo Ojo from Davido’s wedding, calling her a super woman. He wrote, “Super woman. Mummy Priscilla”.

His statement didn’t sit well with many of his fans especially with the ongoing beef between Very Dark Man and Iyabo Ojo.

Ibrahim Chatta hails Iyabo Ojo

After attending Davido’s wedding, Very Dark Man made strong allegations against Iyabo Ojo, claiming that she wasn’t invited to Davido’s main wedding, and only got an invite to the after party, and this claim didn’t sit well with the actress, who provided receipts to prove him wrong. Iyabo threw a little jab at VDM when she attached a picture of a black goat with a gold chain around its neck.

For the past few months, the two have been at loggerheads, which stemmed from Iyabo’s interference in the late singer Mohbad’s case. VDM had called the actress a failure, and Iyabo had replied, raining several unprintable words at him, calling his mother a failure and shameless.

Hitting back at her, Very Dark Man made a shocking allegation, as he accused the movie star cum reality star of engaging in a threesome with her daughter. He didn’t stop there; he labelled her a failure, suggesting that her involvement in Mohbad’s case was a means to remain relevant in the spotlight and gain public praise. Iyabo also laid strong allegations against him, labelling him a clout chaser, and hinted at a potential lawsuit against him.

Noting this, many of Ibrahim Chatta’s fans were disappointed in him for pitching tent with the actress.

One Badguy Jayb wrote, “I dey always respect Ibrahim Chatta but u don lose d respect sir.

One Omah Azunna wrote, “She insulted somebody’s mother. She’s not a superwoman

One Oma Sallen wrote, “VDM was the first to abuse Iyabo and when you abuse someone that is as old as your mother, the person will send you home to your parents that didn’t train you

One Olabisi101 wrote, “Wowww I’m disappointed

One Josh Godson Josh wrote, “Why u post this Olosho woman bro? Smh

One Adrian Ocpt wrote, “You better bring down this post, we all love you more than this show of shame. Bring this shameless thing down from your page

One I Am Abiola Giwa wrote, “This country and eye service are like 5&6

One I Am Mighty Adunfe wrote, “Bro Ibrahim I respect you so much but what’s this

One I Am Ajibola wrote, “Uncle clam down, people respect you than trying to pick a side this type of situation. Your queen mother abuse someone’s mother”.

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