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Fans call out Rema over alleged traumatizing satanist concert

Rema’s recent show at London’s O2 Arena was a whirlwind of emotions, not only for the artist himself but for his followers too. This event, a milestone in Rema’s career, sparked a wave of controversy alongside the celebration. A large number of fans had a great time, but some left feeling uneasy and disturbed.

A fan’s response became particularly notable after she shared her traumatic experience on TikTok. Her video, which quickly spread online, details her distress caused by what she perceived as “Satanist and devilish symbols” at the concert. This fan’s discomfort was so acute that she had to leave early, citing an overwhelming and unsettling energy at the venue.

Other attendees echoed similar sentiments post-concert, describing elements they found “bizarre” and “weird,” including the use of imagery some interpreted as evil or Satanic. This has started discussions among fans and critics about Rema’s artistic intentions and the impact of such imagery in performances.

Recall that in a touching moment during the concert, Rema paid homage to Burna Boy, who initially invited him to the O2 Arena in 2021. He expressed his gratitude and respect for Burna Boy.

Rema’s personal life, too, has been under the spotlight. Recently, he and Justin Skye were seen together at her birthday party, sparking rumors about a possible romantic connection. Despite initial beliefs that they were just friends, their intimate interaction has led many to believe there’s more to their story.y

The controversy around Rema’s use of satanic symbols isn’t a new development. Earlier, a concert in Ethiopia was canceled due to concerns about imagery on his album cover, which depicted an inverted cross and a burning church. The Ethiopian authorities were uneasy about the album’s vibe and its potential association with Satanism.

Rema has previously refuted claims linking him to Satanism, but with these new issues surfacing from his London concert, the public is curious about his response.

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