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“God punish all of una” Fan reacts tearfully to Frodd’s Eviction



Frodd’s tearful fans

The reaction from fans following Frodd’s eviction has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, ranging from excitement celebrations to emotional sentiments.

For some of Frodd’s ardent supporters, the news of his eviction was met with a sigh of relief. The anticipation of reuniting with his daughter Elena, who had been birthed while he was in the house, was something his fans were looking forward to.

However, another set of Frodd’s loyal fanbase found were found in a deep emotional state. A viral exchange in a WhatsApp fan group chat captured some distraught messages from one of the hi core fans.

In the heat of the moment, the fan vented his disappointment, calling out fellow group members for their lack of support which ultimately led to Frodd’s eviction.
“God punish all of una. Bastards.”

While the group tried to calm him down, urging him to compose himself, he went on to label them as “useless.”

“Una just dey useless”

Another group memeber told him to calm down and he replied saying

“God punish you and your calm down”

Frodd fans react tearfully after eviction

“Frodd was acting like a mercy fan and not a housemate” Cee C drops her 2 cents on Frodd’s eviction

Kemi Filani reported that Frodd’s eviction eviction had sparked a commentary from a fellow housemate.

Cynthia Nwadioria, better known as Cee C, hadn’t held back her thoughts as she shared her candid opinions on Frodd’s departure.

Cee C, known for being a straight talker, hadn’t minced her words as she had expressed, “The only thing about Frodd that I did not like was that he was acting like he was a Mercy fan. Not equal in the house.”

Frodd’s pregnant wife jubilates as he enters BBNaija’s house

Kemi Filani reported 5 weeks ago, that Chioma, the wife of the former Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Chukwuemeka Okoye, popularly known as Frodd, had jubilated at her husband’s return to the reality show.

An online video had captured the ecstatic moment when Chioma had jumped for joy and celebrated as her husband was announced and had walked into the show once again.

In the video, a visibly elated Chioma had cheered her husband on, expressing her hopes for his victory and ultimate winning of the grand cash prize of one hundred and twenty million naira (N120,000,000).