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Exclusive: Scariest thing a fan did to me – Ella Mensah

Sexy and sassy Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah has cleared stated that she doesn’t see herself as a controversial celebrity.

“I don’t think I’m controversial, I just think some people have chosen to always misquote me or twist whatever I say, which now, I don’t care anymore.”

I’m no longer explaining myself to anyone anymore, everybody should believe whatever they want to believe about me. I’m comfortable with that 100 percent,” she told Kemi Filani News.

Speaking on her social media lifestyle and coping with online fans, Mensah, a single mum of one shares her memorable moment.

Hear her: “I do not flaunt my boobs on social media like many perceive, I actually flaunt my work and business on social media, so whatever anybody see is not my problem. The funniest DM (Direct Message) I’ve ever gotten from a male fan. He actually sent me a picture of me and him photoshopped together in our wedding dress and we were getting married. It sounds funny now, but it actually scared the hell out of me then. Apparently he dreams about me and him together all the time.”

On her love life, the actress who had earlier hinted that she looks forward to having sex on a plane revealed the weirdest place she had sex.
“The weirdest place I’ve ever had sex is in my bedroom. I also believe the most important thing in a woman life is Love, then Money before sex follow.”

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