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Everything we know about the trending #silhouettechallenge


Coming after the #BussitChallenge, another n3de challenge named #silhouettechallenge has emerged.

Chloe Bailey, one of the duo from the sister group, Chloe X Halle broke the internet with her own video, even Nigerian celebrities joined the trend.

The Silhouette Challenge is a video challenge where the poster posses in a very seductive manner completely nak3d around a door frame before turning into black silhoutte in red background.

Kemi Filani News can not categorically tell how the trend started, but the challenge can be traced back to legendary American singer, Beyonce’s 2003 stage performance.

Watch below:

The mother of 3 also bodied it in her “Partition” music video.

As at the time of writing this report, the hash tag has surpassed over a 100 million views.

The Silhouette Challenge is done using a filter known as Vin Rouge filter.

The filter is a camera effect that turns your whole screen to red background leaving your body to black color like a shadow.

Follow this link HERE and HERE to watch videos of the challenge on Twitter.

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