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Every man should go for DNA test before baby dedication – K-Solo

Popular music producer, artiste and showbiz expert, Solomon Oyeniyi a.k.a K.Solo in this interview with Kemi Filani News open up on the need for fans to stop comparing Fela to Wizkid, international acclaim Nigerian Afrobeats is getting, amongst other issues.

What are your thoughts on the recent international collabos the likes of Tems and Wizkid have been getting? Is it good for the industry?
It is good for the industry, I am not going to lie to you. The industry is getting bigger and wider. This is one major part of the Nigerian sector that is making the country and the citizens proud. Now it is exposing a lot of people, not just Wizkid and Tems, the producer of Burna Boy’s album also got recognition from the Grammy’s. It is a major one. Over the years, Nigeria didn’t get to this point. Now, we have been recognized. You can walk into America and people ask you: ’Do you know WizKid’? It has passed the level of just Fela getting global recognition. It is opening the eyes of people, foreign investors are beginning to see that you can work with Nigerian artistes. That is a good one and welcomed development.

In your opinion, is it right for people to compare Fela to Wizkid?

In my very own opinion, I don’t think it is right to compare Fela and WizKid. It is even erroneous thinking of it. The generation we live in, they live based on what they see. If you have lived in those years, you will understand who Fela really was. Fela was not just a musician, he was an activist. He fought for the poor and people who had nothing. There is a lot that Fela has done, not just singing. At the time Fela was singing, there was no internet, which is the fastest way to be recognized. Now the international countries can recognize us. There was none of that at that time. You can imagine the hard work Fela put in to get international acclaim. It will be very unfair to compare Fela to WizKid. WizKid is a kid. I don’t mean kid by age. I mean in accomplishment. It is like comparing Ambode to Obasanjo. It is a thick one.

With the rate of infidelity increase right now, would you advise men to go for DNA as soon as their child is given birth to?

This is what the government needs to set up in the health sector. If anyone is interested in setting up hospitals, getting the right equipment to do a DNA test should be one of the criteria for having a clinic in Nigeria or a hospital. The rate at which this infidelity ‘wahala’ is going in our society, is becoming a serious problem. I heard of a man who has five children and has been in the US for 10 years hustling. However, because he wanted to take his family back to the US, the embassy requested a DNA test and he found out that the children he thought were his, weren’t his.. I think it is what should be done. For every man out there, even before going for baby dedication, you should have the DNA test on the table. For everyone, it is not about trusting your wife or not trusting your wife, you need the DNA.

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