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‘Even in death, he is still hated’ – Dele Momodu attacks Christian Association of Nigeria over the death of TB Joshua


Nigerian journalist, Dele Momodu has attacked the Christian association of Nigeria over the death of popular prophet, TB Joshua.

KFN recalls that the sad news about the death of TB Joshua broke in the early hours of Sunday, 6th of June, 2021.

Since the death of TB Joshua was announced, the Christian Association of Nigeria has kept mute and not said anything about the sad incident.

Reacting to this, Dele Momodu said the association hates TB Joshua while he was alive and till death, they still hate him.

Speaking further, the CEO of Ovation Magazine said the association should have in mind that everyone will die someday.

In his words;

“Seriously no word from the Christian community in Nigeria regarding the death of TB Joshua. Even in death he is still hated. “Does he really need any validation… All souls will die.”

Reacting to this;

@adanna_.. wrote “This is actually the last straw that will make me give up on Nigerian pastors.. roasting him everyday in their church service wasn’t enough.. still 24 hours after his death non of them have come out to commensurate with his members and family… TB Joshua was and will continue to be what many of you aren’t! As him no build expensive university like una, luxury cars, collect tight and first fruit like una, or emotionally manipúlate members to sow seeds like una, he is the devil on earth.. the beef going on within pastors is deadly, more than 10 churches in my street, yet the pastors don’t see eye to eye. I won’t which heaven una dey preach all times”

@abdulceo1 wrote “If he’s a Politician that gives them money now you’ll see ANNOUNCEMENTS everywhere. This man is an epitome of LOVE. He preached it, lived it, showed it openly and secretly based on all I’ve read and watch in the last 24hrs. He was a cheerful giver who reached out to many even people of other faith and religions. Widows, aged and so on… They should be quiet for all I care, God knows those who are truly worshipping and serving HIM. Most of these Nigerian Pastors are fraudulent. Yes, the Bible said “touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm” Psalm 105 : 15 but truth be told. Let God almighty be the judge of all.”

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