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“She let her guards loose” Eve Esin defends Empress Njamah over her n*** video, calls for her estranged fiance’s arrest

Eve Esin defends Empress Njamah

Nollywood actress, Eve Esin has showed support for her embattled colleague, Empress Njamah.

It is no longer news that Empress Njamah is in the midst of scandal with her estranged fiance, who is bent on smearing her reputation.

Reacting to his threats, Eve took to her Instagram page, to call for the arrest of Empress Njamah’s fiance, Josh Wade, who has been releasing her nude videos online.

Defending Empress, Eve stated that it isn’t a crime for Empress to take private videos with her man. She stressed that the actress assumed she was in a relationship, hence why she let the guards loose and filmed private moments with him.

Slamming her fiance, she questioned why he would claim to be dating her, yet was busy filming her.

“We should look for this man and bring him out!!!
Like I don’t even get it. Been trying to understand all these! What’s with the videos? Wrong on all levels. Should people no longer have relationships? Was she meant to be on a skirt, suit or iro and buba in a relationship? How do you record private moments with a loved on? Yes, she assumed she was in a relationship and let her guards loose. How do you claim to date and love someone when your busy scheming? Mehnn!!! It’s a whole messed up situation.

Let’s tag whoever we can please”.

Uche Elendu cries out for help for Empress Njamah

Just days back, Uche Elendu had cried out for help for her bestfriend, Empress Njamah, whose nude videos is making rounds on the internet.

The entrepreneur took to Instagram to draw the attention of the police to Empress Njamah’s estranged fiance threats and blackmail.

Describing the unfortunate incident as devastating, she clamoured for him to be called to other. Uche revealed that Empress and Josh Wade, only dated briefly before they parted ways.

Now, he is spreading her nudes on social media and blackmailing her after carting away with her valuables.

“Dear @nigerianpoliceforce @benjaminhundeyin @statedeptdss @police.interp.ci please this guy needs to be called to order!! He was in a brief relationship with @empressnjamah and is now spreading her nudes on social media, Whatsapp groups and blackmailing her after carting away her valuables. Please help!! Intimate pictures and videos are everywhere…this is devastating!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! HELP!!!! HELP!!!…..”.

Tonto Dikeh reach out to her Empress Njamah.

Also, Tonto Dikeh had sent love and light to Empress Njamah. She advised the actress to be cautions of who she allows near her.

Noting how this is her most vulnerable moment, Tonto warned her to avoid accepting help from an enemy in disguise.

“Dear empress,
I wish you strength, comfort and justice
This is your most vulnerable time,
Don’t accept help from AN ENEMY IN DISGUISE…
Praying for you”.

Eve Esin defends Empress Njamah
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