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Erica completely ignores Laycon, chooses Kiddwaya as her Deputy

Erica chooses Kiddwaya as deputy head of house

Following her win as head of house, Erica decided to completely ignore Laycon, and chose Kiddwaya instead as her deputy head of house. As usual, she had to pick someone of the opposite gender as her deputy, and after an agonizing thirty minutes, she decided to pick Kiddwaya, her acclaimed best friend over Laycon, her bossom friend.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Erica emerged the head of house for the 4th week in Big Brother’s house. The model who was the person to get the highest number in the puzzle within a short period of time. Being the 3rd female housemate to become the head of house, Erica has made many BBNaija fans proud.

Recall that few days ago, the 26 year old during a conversation with Ozo and Dorathy, mentioned that it would be dangerous to choose her lover, Kiddwaya as her Deputy Head of House. Her reason was that she is afraid the privacy they will get as Head of house and deputy head of house , might be an opportunity for her and Kiddwaya to get intimate.

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