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Actress Eriata Ese shares her bizarre secrets to relieving stress (Video)

Eriata Ese

Nollywood actress and former Big Brother Naija housemate, Eriata Ese has shared her secrets to relieving stress.

The reality star shared a video of her cleaning her house as her stated that this is the best way to relieve stress.

Eriata Ese added that she recommends the tasks to anyone who wants to relieve stress and focus on the most important things about life.

“This is one of the best way to relieve stress and focus on the most important things about your life. 10/10 I recommend”.

Eriata Ese bemoans

The movie star had bemoaned some of the challenges of being a woman.

The reality show star who is also a model and an actress says she was tired of being hardworking and on that note, wouldn’t blame those who find themselves dating or marrying for the money.

“I’m really tired of being hardworking. I’ve always thought that the more money you have, the more relaxed you should be. But I think that’s lie. Because the more you earn, the more you want. At this point, I can’t even blame those who marry or date for financial support,” she lamented on social media.

Stranger gifts Eriata Ese money

Eriata Ese had opened up on how a stranger gifted her 3 million for her vacation.

The actress took to her Instagram story to disclose that the stranger who she had known for 2 years but hasn’t met gave her the money for being a good girl and for being contented.

Eriata stated that she was still amazed about the sweet gesture as the man told her that he doesn’t want anything from her.

She wrote, “Someone I’ve never met but known for 2yrs + gifted me 3m for my trip, I’m still amazed. Told the person “I have nothing to offer u why would u gift me that much? And the person said because I see how You struggle for yourself..you deserve it..I don’t want anything from you, just keep being contented with the life u are living and keep being the good girl that I are; just don’t change”.

Eriata Ese
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