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Eniola Badmus dragged on social media for exposing her plus-size body

Eniola Badmus

Popular Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus was dragged on Instagram after she shared a photo where she exposed her plus-sized body.

According to the troll identified as bayo_critic, who obviously was not pleased with the photo the actress shared, Eniola did not take a look at herself in the mirror before posting the photo on Instagram. The troll added that her friends are deceiving her to believe she looks good.

Eniola however replied by telling the troll to leave her alone and allow her choose how she wants to look.

See their conversation below;

See how other people on social media reacted to the photo;

@queen__sophie_ wrote “The truth is nobody is body shaming her, not all pictures are meant for the public, some suppose just dey our gallery for personal view or closed friends. So whatever insults she gets, she deserves, because not everyone knows how to sugar coat.”

@queen__sophie_ wrote “The truth is 2years from now, if she herself look this picture, she go vomit”

@simdiiva wrote “There’s nothing you want to tell someone about their physique or look that they don’t already know. Please let people breathe.”

@mriykenelson wrote “OMG .. Some people just open IG account, subscribe and seat down just to troll people, I believe these guys do use their comments to get the attention of these self acclaimed celebrities because they only attend/reply to negative comments.”

@mhz_bjay wrote “I don’t know why some people like projecting their bitterness on others, it’s her body and she is allowed to wear what she wants”

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