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Emotional moment as Alex Unusual surprises her dad on his birthday|Video

alex surprises her father

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Alex Unusual has made an emotional move towards her father as she surprised him on his birthday yesterday.

In a video shared, she made a surprise cake, took his workplace, and organized a birthday party for him alongside family and friends.

On a lengthy note, she expressed her fondness for her dad and how he has sacrificed a lot to see her grow into the woman she has become.

Alex said her dad had instilled the spirit of patience and empathy in his children, also appreciates him for never mounting pressure on any of them.

Speaking further, she said her father will always deserve the best and can never be traded for anything in the world.

She wrote:

Hi Father, I really want to say that I’m proud to be your daughter. I’m grateful to God that I’ve had you in my life since day one and not for once have you failed me.
Dear daddy, Thank you for giving me all you could. Thank you for instilling in me patience and empathy. Thank you for all your sacrifice. Thank you for being my hero. Thank you for being that father that trained his children with counseling although I’m still grateful you were never the parent they called when I got into troubles in school because you would have asked them to crucify me🤣.
Thank you for not bringing the roof down when I failed maths, you don’t know how much positive effect that single act had in my life. Thank you for making sure I always had money. Thank you for teaching me how to smile and stay calm amidst chaos. I appreciate how you never put any form of pressure on me. I appreciate your every sunday call to remind me of the church and prayer. You’ll live long daddy, in health and everything nice.
I’ll always love you dad and I won’t trade you for the whole world.
My siblings and I traveled all the way to surprise him at the office since he saw us last in January. We had a mini party at the office and I can say that my father is an amazing man. I’m going to bed with a joyful heart and I’ll do it all over again because he deserves it and more.

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