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Emeka Rollas it shall not be well with you – Nigerians rain curses on AGN president after he defends Elisha Abbo

Emeka Rollas, Elisha Abo and Hilda Dokubo

Nigerians have come hard on Actor’s Guild of Nigeria (AGN) president, Emeka Rollas after he stood by his decision to appoint embattled Senator Elisha Abbo as an AGN patron.

This is coming after popular actresses and veterans ; Hilda Dokubo and Kate Henshaw kicked against the decision.

According to Emeka while justifying his decision, Elisha has apologized and should be forgiven. He also asked if they are holier than him?

Emphasizing his decision to make Elisha Abbo patron, he revealed that since the senator was not convicted by any court of law, it was not in the Guild’s place treat him as such.

“When I talk of morality and legality, you’ll ask us who’s holier than senator Abbo” he asked.

Watch the video below…

Nigerians have taken to twitter to rain curses on him and blast him. See some comments below..

Zuchradio wrote: ” Emeka Rollas, it won’t be well with you… God indeed cursed this nation when it comes to leadership. “

Peperempe Wrote: ” You forgot to add ‘and apologised to later’. To Mr EmekaRollas, because @AbboElisha has apologised does not exonerate him from being rejected as a patron of your guild. A man’s deeds is like his name, it sticks to him after he’s long gone. Remember that. “

Kas Tommy wrote: ” This is trash talk heaped upon trash, then compiled and heaped upon more trash then trashed upon the same trashed and finally Emeka Rollas ingested this trash and decided to fill our ears with the same trash.. egbon we no be mumu, ur grammar no reach change Nigerians mindset. “

See screenshots below…

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