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BBNaija Season 7: Eloswag and Chomzy get intimate after their fight over Phyna (Video)

Eloswag and Chomzy reconcile

One thing we love about Big Brother Naija’s’ Level Up’ housemates is that they don’t take fights too seriously.

Hours after a nasty fight, Eloswag and Chomzy were seen getting intimate in bed.

KFN reported hours ago that things heated up in Big Brother Naija’s ‘Level Up’ Islander’s house as housemates got into a scuffle.

The male housemates clashed over their supposed love interest for the first time since the season began.

Ex-Head of House, Eloswag got into a heated argument with fellow housemates, Chomzy and Chi-Chi.

The two constantly talked about Eloswag and Phyna’s intimate kissing during the Saturday night party.

Eloswag, irritated with the constant talks, warned them to stop discussing the subject matter.

Chomzy and Chi-Chi, unbothered with his feelings, lashed out at him.

Bella, in defence of her friends, waded into the issue and attacked Eloswag.

The issue escalated from there as Eloswag took offence.

Eloswag warned them to stay away from the matter, and Bella lashed out at him.

She dared him to beat her. In her words, “If I do it, come and beat me”.

Sheggz jumped in, and rather than try to calm the situation, he took to his babe’s side.

He questioned why Eloswag would respond to Bella’s dares.

“How can a babe say come and beat me, and you as a guy will respond to it”.

He threatened to beat up Eloswag if he didn’t mind how he talked to his babe.

“Do not come near me, I will beat you and go home”.

Giddyfia weighed in and pitched a tent with Eloswag.

He stated that Eloswag should be allowed to express himself and shouldn’t be shut up.

“No one should shut Eloswag up, if he says he did not like it, that should not be a problem”.

In the comment section, Nigerians expressed disappointment with Sheggz for letting his feelings for Bella to cloud him.

Surprisingly, hours after their fight, Eloswag was seen in bed with Chomzy.

The two made up for the fight as they appeared to kiss and cuddle each other.

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