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Efia Odo speaks on a s*xtape with rapper Kwesi Arthur, says it’s to tarnish her image

efia odo and kwesi arthur

Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo has opened up about a s*xtape which allegedly involves her and rapper Kwesi Arthur.

According to Efia Odo, the people in the video don’t look anything like her and Kwesi Arthur.

She also revealed that the video was released in an attempt to tarnish her image.

She wrote: “You dumb fuvks does this look like kwesi arthur and I? Why do you people wanna tarnish people’s Images like that? Troll me cook but what kwesi do you people. Now can y’all shut the fuck up“

Meanwhile, a Facebook user has alleged that the guy in the viral video is a Kwesi Arthur look-alike and not the rapper.

He wrote: “The guy in the right is the guy in the sex tape. That’s not Kwesi Arthur. You people won’t just delay small in defaming people and saying bad things about them even when you are not sure of what the truth is. Why you people so foolish and unthinking like that”.

efia odo and kwesi arthur
efia odo and kwesi arthur
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