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E-money’s Car Collection Will Blow Your Mind (see Photo)


Popular Billionaire Emeka Okonkwo, fondly referred to as E-money is known for his lavish lifestyle and as a well as his philanthropic acts

Being a well respected personalty in Nigeria, it is difficult to hide from the media especially when attached to so much luxury

One of the very catchy properties owned by the CEO Five Star Music is the eye-popping car collection in his garage

The father of three who is a money bag who never seizes to flaunt his wealth is also known to be a cheerful giver because he knows how it feels to be hungry

Emoney who once lived in Ajegunle got married to his beautiful wife, Juliet who maried him out of her in depth love for a man with crazy ideas and entrepreneurial spirit amusing and had faith in him becoming a successful man one day

The billionaire who didn’t have a dime on him for transportation after his traditional wedding had a wife who could borrow N20,000 from his brother, Kcee

Upon returning to Lagos, he got a call awarding him of a $2m contract, just like the movies, his life changed completely having made wise decisions and investments with the proceeds

E-Money is the CEO of EmyCargo and Shipping Services Nigeria Ltd. and Emy Motors Ltd. He also has investment in the oil and gas sector, as well as in real estate.

In December 2015, he acquired a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. The car set him back by about N30million.

Sometimes in 2016, E-money also acquired a bullet-proof car. It was the fresh-out-of-the-box 2017 Lexus LX 570 SUV. The cars was valued at N32.4million ($90, 000).

E-Money, who is also known for his acts of charity, once presented to his brother, KCee, a Mercedes Benz G Wagon. It was a birthday gift to him. The car was reported to have cost him about N20million.

Check below E-money’s mind blowing fleet of cars;

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