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Dunsin Oyekan speaks on pulling through his wife’s death

Two years ago, Gospel minister, Dunsin Oyekan, lost his beautiful wife, Doyin Oyekan.

Although the cause of her death wasn’t disclosed, the gospel minister has now opened up on how he pulled through and is still pulling through.

During a recent worship session at a church he was invited to minister, Dunsin Oyekan sang one of the songs “I’ll be here” from his latest album and mentioned that the song came as a special word to him when he lost his wife in 2019.

…this song came in pain. I lost my wife almost 2 years ago in the middle of tears, in the middle of pain, the only person I could run to, is God and I said to the Lord in one of those days ;“I”ll be here lifting hands even when it doesn’t seem easy”.

And the Lord said said to me, if you focus on the pain of transition, you will miss it’s purpose. So this is my testimony, in pain, I see purpose, in grief I find grace. What shall separate us from the love of God?

Dunsin Oyekan lost his wife Doyin in 2019 to an undisclosed incident and they the couple had 2 kids before Doyin’s demise.

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