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Drama as Nigerians dig up evidence of Sharon Ooja’s husband’s previous marriage, less than 24-hours after her wedding

Sharon Ooja has been married for less than twenty-four hours, and there’s already drama surrounding the event.

A certain blogger had come out to state that Sharon Ooja is Mr Nwoke’s fourth wife. When the news went public, Bisola Aiyeola came to her defense, claiming that the blogger was not saying the truth.

Bisola Aiyeola’s defense didn’t age well because Nigerians have dug up the wedding photo of Sharon Ooja’s husband and his ex-wife, alongside the details of their divorce.

Allegations that Sharon Ooja’s husband has been married four times.

Although there’s only evidence of one ex-wife, as opposed to the assertion by the blogger, in which she said that he had been married four times, it still proves that there was an iota of truth in her statement, which nullifies Bisola’s blatant rebuttal.

Bisola Aiyeola defends Sharon Ooja.

It isn’t certain whether the woman in the photo is Mr Nwoke’s third wife, as core information about this situation is still at large.

Mr Nwoke’s divorce proceedings.

Despite the fact that it was Nigerians that dug up the evidence phrased above, some of them still showed Sharon Ooja a lot of support.

Mr Nwoke’s divorce proceedings.

Here’s what they had to say;

thebennyboom wrote, “Happy married life @sharonooja you will love and be loved right till you both grow old together”

jaycelinebrand wrote, “After we complain about the stigma of divorced persons. They love each other that’s all that truly matters.”

jaycelinebrand wrote, “And what does it matter? If this is a legal marriage why are we giving people ammunition”

blaqninjah wrote, “This is why she was hiding her husband”

lindanwaora wrote, “So because he has been divorced he should give up on love? some of you talking here are on your 19th talking stage and you havnt given up so why should he?”

wallpaperplace wrote, “The can dig up everything but will never dig how to come out of poverty”

balo_ng wrote, “Omo it’s not easy to be a celebrity. I didn’t know that divorcees aren’t supposed to remarry”

eseosa wrote, “What’s wrong with marrying a divorcee? Are you people possessed? Why does another person’s happiness make you sad?”

nkechiblessingsunday wrote, “Na wah 0000,why some people no just want happy for another person? Marriage wey never reach 24 hours?”

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