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“She is always having issues with people” – Drama as Destiny Etiko unfollows bestfriend, Lizzy Gold

Destiny Etiko unfollows Lizzy Gold

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has stirred reactions after unfollowing her colleague and one of her best friends, Lizzy Gold.

Kemi Filani checked Destiny’s Instagram page and noticed that she has unfollowed the actress. However, at the time of reporting, Lizzy is still following Destiny Etiko.

As expected, social media users are divided over the news, with many noting how Destiny loves to fight with her colleagues, while others stated that Lizzy must have done something to the movie star.

One Ernels Closet wrote, “I think Destiny is the type that loves so much. Those kinds of people, any little thing you do hurts them deeply. And when you keep hurting them, you gradually lose them. Because he always goes all out for her friends and those around her. No one is perfect

Destiny Etiko unfollows Lizzy Gold

One Yuljudy4eva wrote, “Jealousy too full Destiny body, soon if dewu start growing bigger she will start beefing her

One Mrz Dinma wrote, “Destiny is always having issues with people. Her friendship never lasted

One Princess Chuks CC wrote, “I don’t know if Destiny is going to keep enmity with the whole world, always fighting with everyone. So ur friend go inherit ur enemy; if they don’t, you go unfriend the person. This is so bad

One Jyne55 wrote, “Destiny is a sweet soul; the other must be the one who wronged. Destiny child said to bad energy in her circle

One Amaka Gurl wrote, “Destiny and fighting with everyone, 5&6

One Nulinatty wrote, “Wahala everywhere

One Adaeze Lydia wrote, “Destiny n friendship na 5/6 but she no sabi keep friendship. She’s always jumping from one friendship to the other

One Worldwild33 wrote, “LMAO Lizzy Gold, next time u go learn true friendship happens naturally and is never forced. To think u started ignoring Luchy Donalds in the hopes of gaining Destiny Etiko’s friendship”.

Their fallout is coming as a surprise as in October, Destiny Etiko sweetly celebrated Lizzy Gold’s birthday. She prayed for the movie star to enjoy a long life, prosperity and more undiluted grace, and Lizzy Gold responded, appreciating Destiny for the birthday wishes.

However, her birthday message didn’t sit well with many netizens, who called out the Asaba actress for forcing her friendship with Lizzy. One noted how Destiny was only returning the love; Lizzy showered her on her birthday in August.

In early 2023, Lizzy Gold stirred drama as she publicly ‘disowned’ Destiny after the latter hinted at having a new best friend. In what appeared as a shade to Lizzy, Destiny had flaunted her new best friend online, which infuriated Lizzy, who immediately scolded her.

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