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“Has your husband messed up?” Drama as Actress Ruth Kadri attacks unfaithful men



Ruth Kadiri

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri Nzerika has been fired online over her continuous talks about unfaithful men and broken marriages.

Ruth Kadiri, loved by many, was dragged in the mud by angry netizens who questioned if her marriage had hit the rocks.

The troll follows Ruth Kadiri’s reply to a quote by famous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, in which she said: “Marriages doesn’t scare me. Marrying the wrong person does”.

Sharing the quote on Instagram, Ruth Kadiri claimed only the wrong man can break a woman, and it would be so because she has permitted him.

She wrote: “The wrong man will break you! O they will. And it will be you who let them.”

Mixed reactions trailed the development as many camped with Ruth Kadiri’s point of view on the quote while others queried the actress’ marriage.

onlineconsellor: Has someone eaten a superb breakfast?

fabslookbook.personal_shopping: It is well o

queen_deebee: Nor b today I know say I be breakable plate

mr___abj: This one when this woman dey talk of marriages all the time, abi ur lowkey husband don fuck u up?

emekak119: U don old for all this na

perrycool1313: You are too old for all this, just saying respectfully

b_yoma07: Everyday Man, Man, Man, Watin self

Kemi Filani News recalled that Ruth Kadiri was attacked online for supporting Will Smith’s actions at the just concluded Oscars.

Drumming support for Will, Ruth warned men not to walk down the aisle if they couldn’t defend their women publicly.

She wrote: “Any man that cannot defend his wife like this should not marry her. Go and advice the police about brutality. Go and advice Puttin about war. Nobody should stress me. If you talk anyhow, you collect”.