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Reality Tv star Doyin reveals surprising reason she refused to date a guy

Reality star, Doyin Davids recently took to social media to reveal the surprising reason she refused to date a guy.

She expressed that she once refused to date a guy because he could twerk better than her. She further revealed that she wanted a man and not somebody who was a bad bitch. She disclosed how much of a turn off it was for her to experience that.

This answer was a response to a Twitter personality Folu, who asked his fans and followers what the silliest reason they did not date somebody was.

“He could twerk better than me, like way better. I wanted a man, not a bad bitch. Instant turn off.”

In the beginning of the year, Doyin had expressed her desire to have a child before getting married. She shared her reservations about getting married during a live video with her fans and followers. The 28-year-old stated that she was not excited about the prospect of getting married because it seemed like a very stressful venture to go into.

She also went on to state that while she does value a life partnership, she does not know if she appreciates the formalities that has to do with a marriage institution. She further expressed her contentment with the idea of giving birth to a child without being married.

Back in January 2024, Doyin had revealed that people who are really rich do not feel the need to brag. She further expressed that if you feel the need to brag about your achievements, then you are not rich enough.

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