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Don’t pretend, your marriage is in hell too – Trolls attack Anita Joseph over comments on Chacha Eke’s failed marriage

Trolls attack Anita Joseph over comments on Chacha Eke

Actress Anita Joseph is not finding easy with Chacha Eke’s fans, as they have come for her after she reacted to the embattled actress crashed marriage,

Kemi Filani reported that Chacha Eke cried out late last night that she had left her husband for good.

In an sad Instagram note, where she noted that she either leaves alive or leave as a corpse, Chacha Eke disclosed that she had been pretending that all was well while wishing, hoping and praying for a better tomorrow that didn’t come. Read more here

In reaction many of her colleagues consoled her and sent out prayers to her but Anita Joseph took to her comment section and wrote: “Cha na 😢😢😢😢😢😢noooooo 🙈🙈🙈”.

Her comment angered many fans of Chacha, who furiously queried her reaction to the broken marriage.

Blasting her, one fan asked her to stop pretending as she also facing hell in her marriage, another told her to shut up and die in her abusive marriage…

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@realanitajoseph what’s nooooo? You rather she keeps pretending all in the name of marriage & die slowly????? She can’t be like most of you out there claiming a perfect marriage whereas y’all living in hell

@realanitajoseph which one is Cha No na, how long do you think u can also pretend to the world that your living in paradise? 😂keep living in lies and show off, thinking we don’t know what you guys face underground. Adviser

@realanitajoseph which one is no,she should leave if the marriage is threatening her life.

@realanitajoseph shut up,na mistake…it’s eye service, fat phool…die in ur abusive mumu marriage na,why telling her noooo….u just big untop sense…ozour

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