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“Don’t marry someone you don’t love” Femi Lazarus cautions singles

In recent developments, Pastor Femi Lazarus has dished out a very important note of warning to singles who are looking to get married. 

He advised singles to not get married to someone that they don’t love. He further stated that people should never get married with the mind of agape love, because forever was a long time to be with somebody that you were not romantically interested in. 

He narrated how a lot of people had gotten married based on religious duties and reason, but they were the same one who had rushed out in 6 months time to him to cry out over how miserable they felt. 

He also expressed how people should learn to marry people that they are actually in love with, rather than people that they feel a religious connection with. 

He hammered on the importance of being with somebody that you actually want to spend time with, not just someone you constantly want to pray with. 

Back in January of 2024, recall that Apostle Femi Lazarus had called out students who prioritized church fellowship over studies. 

He revealed that their main concern should be school, not joining a fellowship. He further revealed how there was a time for everything, and that it was important that people know when to focus on the right things and at the right time.

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