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‘Don’t let religion or culture teach you what to do’ – Victoria Inyama warns

Victoria Inyama

Pretty Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama has advised her followers on Instagram not to allow religion or culture  teach or tell them what’s right or wrong.

The divorced movie star maintained that it is better one choose to be good than allowing his or herself to be influenced by surroundings or religion.

She wrote this on her Instagram page, “You do yourself a great Disservice when you carry the load of other people’s opinions about yourself on your shoulders……🤔U don’t need Religion or Culture to teach/tell U what’s right or Wrong….Just imagine it being Done to U…..🚶‍♀️I know too much to be Toxic to others….But don’t take my humility/kindness for Stupidity….Be Decent in your Pursuits so your Success/achievements don’t access your Demise rather let it add longevity and value to your life…….All our Actions have Consequences…… #LeaveLiveHeal.”

Victoria Inyama had via her earlier posts hammered on issues bothering mothers and single motherhood.

The actress who is now a citizen in United States gave mothers some important parenting tips for their teen daughters.

Ms Inyama wrote, “I’m responsible for my post but NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW YOU UNDERSTAND IT!Moms of teen daughters, we need to start building up our daughters for this modern world……We have to encourage them to focus & not be distracted by Social media, The Others. Teach them that money is Good but must not harm themselves or DIGNITY to get it….Stop putting family financial responsibility on your young Daughters!!!! Also Remember that You are her 1st Role model….Teach her Not to put Money before her Emotions/Self worth/ Morals….Tell her that there are good men that still Appreciate a good simple decent girl..Tell her that being modest is a virtue 👌These l tell my Beautiful young daughter too.”

The mother of three also lamented the dating challenges single mothers face.

Victoria Inyama, then advised her fellow female lone parents to be on the alert for men who are out there to deceive and render them bankrupt with false marriage promises.

Hear her, “Female lone parents should know that they and their children have been through so much, so be they need to be careful with that man coming into their lives!  Especially in the West where a lot of the guys just enjoy living off women! Dear single mum, before you accept all the toasting, please know what he really want; a relationship or a person to use. There are awesome guys out there who would date and marry a lady with children but majority of them just want to live off single mothers.  They may borrow money or beg you to take out credit for them or even move in with you, please ensure that that guy has a job that can pay for his lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by his words and Social media lifestyle. All na wash wash. Don’t be afraid to be alone and take good care of yourself and your children!  Once they cannot use you,  they claim you are difficult.  It is better to be difficult than stupid because if they can’t get from you,  they will move on to the next victim. Moreover if you dig deep you will find out that they are really married and their wife is tired of funding their lifestyles,” she said

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