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“Don’t check your partner’s phone” – Bella Okagbue advises lovebirds

Bella Okagbue advises lovebirds about checking their partner's phones.

BBNaija alum Bella Okagbue recently shared her two cents about checking your partner’s phone while in a relationship, and she had quite a unique view about the topic.

She said that people shouldn’t check their partner’s phone, if not they’ll find what they’re looking for.

On the same note, she said that she’s not uncomfortable with it because she has something to hide, but she wouldn’t want her partner to read her chat with other people.

Going forward, Bella Okagbue said that checking your partner’s phone was a violation of privacy.

In setting an example, Bella Okagbue said that she used to check her boyfriend Sheggz’s phone in the past, but she doesn’t do it anymore.

According to Bella, she only checked Sheggz’s phone when their relationship was still new, and she wasn’t sure about where they stood yet.

She also said that Sheggz was quick to notice whenever she checked his phone, citing that he would question her about it.

Bella Okagbue and Sheggz have been together for a while now, and despite the constant backlash they face, they still seem to be waxing strong.

On more than one occasion, Bella Okagbue has had to defend her relationship with Sheggz, especially from ‘concerned’ netizens.

In a recent interview, Sheggz made a statement that would itch naysayers. He said that any money he made belonged to Bella, but her personal money belonged to her alone.

Bella and Sheggz are one of the few BBNaija alums that have maintained their relationship outside the house.

Angel and Soma have also made diehard fans coo over their relationship, while keeping them on their toes at the same time.

They’ve been involved in an on and off relationship, ever since they left the house, and this has made keeping up with their relationship difficult.

Another BBNaija couple that has managed to wax stronger is Beauty Tukura and Neo. Although their relationship has been riddled with backlash from netizens, they’ve remained strong.

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