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‘Don’t be a full-time housewife’ Actress Esther Audu cries out, advises lazy married women

esther audu

Nollywood actress, Esther Audu Ojire has taken to social media to advise married women who sit at home lazying around and solely depend on their husbands for trivial things instead of working.

According to her, staying idle and being a full-time housewife causes depression as the mind would not channel its energy to something productive, but push its focus to things one should put mind off.

Sharing a post, she mentioned women should learn a craft, do business or pursue a career for future sakes. Adding there are many ways to make money through social media rather than waste time reading gossips online.

Esther urged Nigerian husbands to allow their wives to earn money through their sweat and hard work.

She wrote:

I know I might be shaking a small table today, but I will tell you the truth. Ladies open your ears , DONT JUST SIT AT HOME AND BE LAZYING AROUND, WORK. Learn a craft, sell something, pursue a career, do something.
Social media platform is here make good use of it, market your product , don’t just be on social media to see gist and do amebo, make good use of the media. you don’t need to have a shop before you start a business, start from your house and God will enlarge you.
Men please allow your wives do something, being a full house wife can be depressing o. God bless us all. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

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