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Don’t bad mouth marriage, if you can’t stay in it – Actress Chioma replies Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo and Bobby Maris

Quite outspoken Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has insisted that anybody who marriage didn’t favour the first time, should keep trying rather than discouraging others with sad stories.

This she said in response to her colleague, Uche Ogbodo who claimed she sees nothing interesting in marriage. After she had birthed 2 kids for different men.

In a post shared on her Instagram story, the actress had questioned why some people are confidently staying in a marriage with zero happiness.

Uche Ogbodo further asked if such people were enticed into the marriage or fell into the marriage because of poverty or their eyes were close.

She wrote: “A lot of people are in rubbish marriages with zero happiness ooo! Abeg I want to ask? Did they cajole you into it? Or you fell into it with your eyes Shut! Abi nah poverty push you into a joyless marriage? Wake up now!”

However in response to this, Ms. Ifemeludike penned her thoughts, advising that ‘Marriage is very important to society and God, it’s an institution which determines how a society turns out.’

She wrote:

” If it doesn’t favour you the first time you can keep trying. Don’t bad mouth it because you’re not enjoying it, you could be discouraging others, there are people who are committed to staying in marriages just to protect their children and I think that’s a valid reason as long as they are not in danger (domestic abuse). Marriage is very important to society and God, it’s an institution which determines how a society turns out, it’s a union that produces and builds a child to become leaders and champions. Staying single is not a crime but a sin (because you go dey fornicate) and you will certainly not feel cool if people start castigating you for that reason. Let’s just respect everyone’s decision and advice in love because at the end of the day no body is perfect!”

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