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“Don’t allow anyone discourage you from relocating from Nigeria”-Actor Bigval Jokotoye

Bigval jokotoye

Actor, Bigval Jokotoye has urged individuals who have desire to relocate not to be deterred by what Nigerians in the diaspora tell them.

Jokotoye who is based in the US in a video shared on his Instagram page said it’s not easy anywhere in the world.

He said: “People will tell you, do you still want to come to Canada? Don’t allow them deceive you. People who live in America and in Canada don’t have two heads. If you want to go and hustle anywhere in this world, go and hustle. Nowhere in this world is easy. If you want to hustle and relocate to America or Canada, go. Don’t mind people telling you do you still want to come? Can you see snow? It’s not easy here. It’s not easy anywhere in the world”.

His statement has elicited various comments from his fans on social media.

@Deetunesagain: It’s not easy anywhere in the world

@Psalmwrite: Thank you sir, you’re a sincere man, not those discouraging people, but won’t return …This is a typical example of one love…

@Millyposh: Thanks my brother … we are coming . Nothing can stop me

@Fashiondoctor: Moral of the story: Stop discouraging people from traveling simple

@Ovieclarkson: No mind them…. If I like make my leg Dey shake. I go still come 😂😂😂😂 make the cold kill me than heat

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